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She was more desirable than ever, more certain to invoke xxx bokep help from any men she encountered who had even the faintest sense of chivalry, or of true masculine responsibility. All quiet times must come to an end, though, and when she was as fully recovered as she was likely to get, Sandy returned to the unarmed combat mat against El Supremo. Everyone, most of all xxx tube Sandy, was shocked at her new lethal sunny leone xxx effectiveness. She managed to hold a potentially killing stroke by only the barest of xxx hot video margins, at the last second flattening a hand that would have crushed a larynx into hindi xxx video a resounding slap. It scared her, terrified El Supremo, and got her excused from further practice. It was clear that her reflexes had chosen the path of attack rather than defense when confronted by a masculine threat, and that her skills had not been lost through the trauma. Her problem, if it was a problem, was control. There was xxx bp a fierce anger within her now that made her deadly in a way none of the others could match. That wasn't the end of hamster xxx the surprises for the day, however. Marilyn finally told the rest of the team of their destination and they had the first briefing on their actual attack plan. It was deceptively simple. They would merely allow themselves to be captured as harem slaves. All initial captives were kept inviolate xxx mom until El Supremo (as they continued to call him) got around xxx sex videos to initiating them, something that might take months. Until that happened, they xxx porn video could wander through the harem at porno will. xxx video hindi The turnover was so great that new faces would not be unusual. Converging on the only entrance to the hidden biowar lab at a specified time when the technicians were asleep, they would gain entrance and effect the switch of the harmless agent for the xxx japan deadly brew. There was a problem, though. From a source that Marilyn xxx videos hd wouldn't reveal, xxx hot it had been learned just how El Supremo's technicians delivered their fresh, live sperm to gain passage within the inner compound. Girls from the harem were chained at strategic spots throughout the lab, blindfolded to prevent them from seeing what was going on. sexo xxx Hidden within a mitten covering their bound hands was a free xxx button to open their assigned interior door. The doorways were reportedly like airlocks, hot xxx possibly xxx videos with exactly that purpose, and only one man could pass at a time. The chained xxx tube girls were trained to push their concealed button only when a man ejaculated into their mouths, with the usual deadly penalties for non- compliance. The problem was that there was the possibility that one of the true hamster xxx harem girls desi xxx video would desi xxx realize that there were unauthorized intruders and compromise phim xxx the mission. They could kidnap xxx bokep this theoretical observer from her captors xxx hd and keep her from revealing their presence, but they couldn't trust her to work the door properly. One of the team, any one of the team, would have to be prepared to hindi xxx replace sexy xxx a door sentinel. That meant they would have to be prepared to function as oral receptacles for sperm until relieved. The compelling logic of this situation did nothing to overcome the revulsion of the team members, xxx putas except for Jaymi. "Listen, girls, I've been there, done that. It's not so bad. I know that some xxx 2002 of you have wondered about me all along. Sandy knew about me from the start. I've swung both ways with men and women, and the only true erogenous zone in anyone is the one between sex xxx their ears. 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It was an amazing coincidence, or porno xxx perhaps a sign sexy xxx of the intimate peliculas xxx closeness their long teamwork had created, to see multiple throats gulp as Jaymi's words triggered a reflexive response in the other team members. In the next instant, all the team members, even Marilyn, xxx hd videos were looking at Sandy. She had the greatest reason of any of them to fear and hate this approach. Her introduction to oral sex had been a brutal rape, one that could traumatize anyone into such a psychological rejection that it would be impossible for her even to try. Yet, if she could make the mental adjustment to the openness xxx vid of mind expressed by Jaymi, could the others do any less? xxx free They watched as memories of her assault flowed behind her eyes, the pain xxx mom visible in ways too subtle for those not part of the team to see, but glaring obviously to the tight-knit group. Then her vidio xxx eyes went to Marilyn, who looked back with unjudging patience, another silent communication telling Sandy that Marilyn would back xxx vids up whatever decision she made. Finally, Sandy's eyes turned to Jaymi. The dark-eyed bisexual had never been intrusive on any of the team japanese xxx members, accepting herself even if they would not. That patience, really trust, had gained her the xxx trust of the other team members in a way that aggressively forcing acceptance of sex xxx porno xxx her chosen lifestyle could never have achieved. Sandy xxx hindi met Jaymi's eyes and couldn't reject the gentle philosophy of the quiet lady, no longer one of "them" in any way that mattered, now just another one of "us." "All right, Jaymi, what do we need to do?" Sandy asked quietly. Jaymi looked at Marilyn for confirmation that Sandy's acceptance was a team decision, and at a silent nod turned back to the group. "Well, I guess it depends on what we want to porn achieve. We can make this mechanical, in a way that never touches us where we live, or xxx sex we can learn to do it right, as an opportunity to pleasure our lovers. Even real women sometimes choose to be mechanical, but I'll tell you what, if you approach it as an act of love, it'll be more enjoyable for you as well as for your partner. xxx desi I guess I think we should pair off and just practice a little. If you've been on the receiving end of a good mature xxx blowjob, you'll figure out what to do. If indo xxx not, well, let me know." Another collective gulp passed xxx porn video through the team. Marilyn glanced at Constance, and if the team had bokep xxx been paying close attention they would have seen a slight frown of negation flicker across Connie's elegant features, followed by a equally subtle nod from Marilyn. "Very well," Marily resumed control of the briefing, "we'll do as you suggest. I guess mom xxx I'll need a partner, too, but we can worry about that later. We all accept the wisdom in Jaymi's approach, but I think a little privacy is still in order. I'll xxx hamster leave it to you to work out any details. Now, let's get to desi xxx work on our language lessons." With that the training continued. No one was surprised to find out that Marilyn already had good skills xxx. in the target nation language. She had always led from the front. Sandy had made good use xxx porn videos of her time as well, so the team had two tutors to go with the formal language teachers provided by the army. They made good teen xxx progress over the next hd xxx few weeks, not becoming fully fluent which wasn't required, but gaining enough skill to eavesdrop effectively on any conversations they heard, and to read xxx .com signs that might be significant. That evening as Sandy was preparing for bed, she tried to decide what to do about the strange challenge she had accepted. It was pretty apparent that Carol and Vanna were going to work something out between themselves, which left Sandy partnered with Jaymi. That prospect didn't bother her as much as it once would have, which bothered her in a different way. The rape had been ugly, no aspect of it ever xxx approached pleasure, ever triggered an iota of desire within her. But she remembered the thoughts of being kissed by a man that had been arisen within her when she watched Jaymi getting kissed. She knew that living in the persona of a woman constantly for almost a year had affected her in more ways than showed externally. Submitting to a man in a loving relationship was not nearly as repulsive as filme xxx it once would have been, and Jaymi appeared to be a quite beautiful bangla xxx young woman, which pushed xxx video a lot of buttons that a normal-looking man would not. It was a confused, neither fish nor xxx hindi fowl relationship that was so outside the video xxx norm for their background that there were no easy rules to follow, no standard answers to xxx bf quote. Sandy did porno xxx realize, though, that it would be up to her to vidio xxx make the first gesture. Instead of cleansing her face, she freshened her makeup to its xxx putas highest xxx photos standard, brushed her tumbling mane into shining liquid night, climbed up xnxx on sky-high feathery mule xxx sexy video slippers and slipped into a floor-length emerald nightgown with her trademark almost sheer, almost revealing, now-you-see-it-now-you-don't design. She made her way indian xxx video to Jaymi's room and knocked quietly. "Come in," she heard from inside. The door handle turned in her hand xxx desi and she stepped in to see Jaymi also dressed beautifully, also carefully made up. "I hoped you'd come," the dark-eyed girl told her guest. Her response was tentative nod, a fidget, an unconscious flirtation with xxx indian a now-habitual toss of long dark hair, but no words. Jaymi walked to Sandy and offered a gentle hand. Sandy's hand raised almost of it's own accord and she felt herself drawn toward the bed, then seated beside xxx video Jaymi. "You really are a virgin, aren't you?" Jaymi asked. "Not any more," came the bitter reply, bokep xxx surprisingly bitter, she thought she had put that behind her. "That's not what I xxx v mean. You've gonzo xxx never made love with anyone, have you?" Sandy looked away, but shook her head. "Let me show you what it means to xxx xxx make love, tonight," offered Jaymi. "You don't have to do anything but relax and enjoy. When you're ready, some other time, you can decide what it indian xxx means to xxx indo give love, as well as to xxx movie receive it." bf xxx "Does it have to be love?" Sandy asked. "It doesn't have to be the live-our-lives-together sort of commitment, but it's best if your partner's pleasure is more important to you than your own. That's as good a definition of making love as I know." With that, Jaymi slid off the bed to kneel at Sandy's feet. She raised the hem of the emerald nightgown to reveal matching lacy panties. At her urging, Sandy lifted her hips and the panties were slid down her smooth legs. Another urge and the gaff followed. Sandy was still too confused for a full xxx. arousal, but in moments a stirring occurred as Jaymi gently helped her testicles descend into a more comfortable position. It was easy hot xxx to imagine that Jaymi was a pretty girl, and only a girl, forgetting what the internal plumbing hidden behind her own feminine youtube videos clothing xxx jepang really looked like. Sandy immersed xxx tube herself in this fantasy, forcing down the whisper in the back of her videos xxx mind that this was supposed to be wrong, forbidden, repulsive. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the bed. The gentlest touch of graceful fingers almost hid the first butterfly-wing kiss of soft lips. Sandy found herself focusing on the sensations, trying to decide just exactly what Jaymi was doing to cause each particular sensation, not so much to learn how to do it as to appreciate the full nature of the sensation. As a slick tongue added its contribution, highlighted by a slight cooling as the deposited liquid evaporated, Sandy www sexvid xxx began to respond as any healthy young man would respond. www xxx video indo xxx His/her erection grew to its not- inconsiderable fullest xxx www with stepping xxx indonesia increments in time with the accelerating pulses of her/his heart. When Jaymi's ruby lips finally encircled xxx sexy the tip, Sandy gasped in a confusion of xxx video hd emotions too interlocked to sort out, and too consuming to need distinction. Under Jaymi's increasingly energetic devotions, Sandy's confusion melted away into driving indian xxx need, more intense than any that she/he had felt with his/her own manipulations, more demanding than breath, more demanding than thought itself. His world compressed to video xxx a small universe centered on his stimulated flesh, then detonated in an explosion as great as that forming the galaxies, at least to his overwhelmed senses. Sandy hovered on the edge of xxx videos hd consciousness as he felt himself empty his seed xxx gonzo into Jaymi's willing mouth, then began to recover as his senses brought his universe hindi xxx video back to the range perceived by mortals. For the first time in months, xxx 2002 Beech felt embarrassed to look so xxx photo pretty. The swell of his shapely bosom, the smell of his makeup, the taste of his lipstick, all seemed wrong. He wanted to get out of the beautiful nightgown, to rip off his scarlet nails, to purge himself of every trace of femininity and be a man again. He sat up to see Jaymi's gentle smile turn to concern as she registered the self-disgust apparent on the young man's still-beautiful face. "Sandy, what's the matter?" Jaymi asked. "This is wrong, all wrong, I shouldn't be doing this. I'm not a girl, I'm a man. This is just xxxx wrong," Beech asserted. "Now take it easy," Jaymi xxx porno demanded. "You're just feeling xxx video hd the aftereffects of all those hormones your body just dumped into your system. Haven't you been masturbating at night?" "What? Of course not!" "Why not?" Jaymi mature xxx continued her interrogation. "You're young, healthy, full of a normal sex drive xxx vid as you've xxxx just amply demonstrated." videos xxx "Normal, right," Beech snorted. "Dressing in makeup and high heels isn't normal." "This isn't about clothes, at least not only about clothes. It's about being all that you can xxx free be. www xxx You're in the Army, and that's what you signed up for," Jaymi tried xxx sexy to make a joke of it. It worked. Beech couldn't help laughing at the ludicrous extension of the standard Army filme xxx slogan. Perhaps the www xxx com chemical cocktail that had flooded his body xxx hot video was xxx .com gradually being porn xxx absorbed, but he passed the point of self-disgust and began to recover his self-respect. teen xxx With an almost visible wrench of transition, Beech became Sandy again. She smiled at Jaymi with her accustomed demure attractiveness and urged her dark- eyed friend up to sit beside her. xxx movies Thank you," Sandy said. "I needed that." From the quantity, I guess you did," laughed Jaymi. This embarrassed Sandy again, but in a funny way, and she started giggling as she gently xxx www wiped a spot of cream from Jaymi's lip. "I wasn't talking porn xxx about that," Sandy xxx hindi video claimed, then got pensive again as her glance flickered down to the almost revealed triangle at the bottom of Jaymi's shorty nightgown. Jaymi sex xxx sensed her unease youtube videos and relieved it immediately, "Not tonight, dear. Not until you're ready. Get yourself back together and go to bed. We'll have time." Sandy nodded gratefully as she hindi xxx pulled her desi xxx video underwear up toward her hips. Before she completed the motion she stopped, took her gaff all the way off with a sigh xxx hamster of relief, and pulled just the now-distorted emerald panties into place. She swayed back to her tall slippers with accustomed grace indian xxx video and moved toward the door, escorted by the patient Jaymi. xxx video hindi At the doorway, though, she stopped and turned to her friend. Somehow, it seemed wrong to just walk away after the gonzo xxx things that had happened tonight. Without www sexvid xxx letting herself have long enough to think about it, Sandy xxx hd wrapped her arms around Jaymi and lowered her painted lips to those of her companion (lover?). They hd xxx kissed with more friendship than passion, at least, that's how it began, but Jaymi had always been prone to acceptance, to love with her close friends, and in moments her desire was becoming apparent in xxx hindi video the energy she was pouring into xxx hd the xxx hd video kiss. Sandy felt herself sunny leone xxx respond, but a part xxx bp of her xxx indo was still not ready for that, so she pulled back, gave Jaymi one more quick peck as a promise for later, than left. The next morning it was apparent that they had not been the only xxx porn ones to experiment with a more intimate relationship. The glances Carol and Vanna were exchanging had a lot more heat than they had shared before, a lot more interest. Marilyn noted this and worried that the forced closeness would cause her team members to lose perspective, but she also had read of the xxx sex videos Band bangla xxx of Thebes and knew that commitment to a lover/comrade was a powerful spur to military virtue. Perhaps it was just because she hadn't xxx hd video achieved her own opportunity the night before that was making her testy, xxx xxx she decided. Marilyn's observation of Sandy and Jaymi actually led her to the wrong conclusion about them. Jaymi was bright and cheerful, attentive to Sandy in a non-possessive but clearly devoted way. Sandy, on the other hand, was distracted, still trying to come to grips with the conflicting emotions within her. Perhaps it wouldn't have been such a xxx bf overwhelming impact if she had enjoyed a more fulfilling sex life xxx vidio previous to that night, but that was not the case. To Marilyn, though, it appeared as though Sandy peliculas xxx shared her lack of fulfillment, and that Jaymi was smugly satisfied, as though the donor and recipient of the previous night's pleasure had been reversed. Trusting her team to work the problem, they went through their normal workouts, dressed, and began the day's rehearsal. Marilyn had obtained www xxx video a reasonably xxx porn detailed description of the internal arrangement of both the harem and the hidden biowar lab. The film xxx idled free xxx soldiers who had washed out of the team had been building a replica in a corner of the training base, complete with simulated airlock doors and bondage equipment. Soon every team member was familiar with the layout and knew where the key passages were. Sandy and Carol were assigned the primary tasks of being distractions, either in the harems, or as bf xxx they escaped. They would also act as guards during the break-in. Jaymi was the premier lock picker, backed up by Marilyn. Vanna was assigned the job of shepherding the false culture to the replacement point. Constance wouldn't be xxx gay able to penetrate the inner sanctum, of course, since she wouldn't be able to make a live sperm donation. She would be the external guard. They wouldn't need to take their own weapons since the harem was decorated with a xxx sex videos variety of deadly devices to allow the harem girls to deal quickly with any male intruders. Their capture and delivery to the harem was one tamil xxx part of the plan they couldn't control directly. El Supremo had long since ceased worrying about the opinion of the rest xxx putas of the world and ruthlessly controlled the xxx sexy press within his own nation. He ignored japanese xxx all requests for aid in finding the small groups of beautiful women that seemed to frequently disappear in his area of the world. As a result, and because the groups of girls that were likely to sightsee in his depressed country were often rebellious and unwanted at home, the disappearances were not common knowledge. Marilyn decided they would again separate into their like- personality trios and just wait to be picked up. The key skills were part of each team, at least well enough to proceed. Rehearsal, language practice, dinner, all normal activities proceeded normally. Finally, as their evening meal drew to a close, the girls dispersed to their tamil xxx rooms. Once again Sandy found herself dressing up her makeup and selecting a flattering nightgown. Once again she found herself at Jaymi's door. Once www xxx again she knocked and was bidden to enter. "Hello," Sandy said quietly. Jaymi nodded in return. "Are you ready for this?" Jaymi asked, her calm smile showing patience, and acceptance. "I think so," Sandy said. "May I make a suggestion?" offered Jaymi. "Why don't we just hold each other, and maybe snuggle a little, and maybe even share a kiss or two, just to xxx video com get ourselves in the mood?" In some ways this was japan xxx worse for Sandy, it made it personal, it made Jaymi a real person and not just an appendage to be exercised. Yet in other ways it made www xxx com it better. Jaymi's fundamental philosophy was that people in love should love to please each other, the act xxx hd video was not the end in itself but a means to be a good lover. What they had wasn't love like the romance novels talked about, but it was a closeness that built xxx gay on the camaraderie of xxx movie tight military groups, added the isolation and interdependence of their unique training regimen and added still further the desire that each still felt for beautiful examples of the gender they had been raised to be attracted to. Kissing a woman as pretty as Jaymi was not a hardship. Sandy had been used to thinking of her as a woman for so long that the incongruity seemed to be in xxx vidio Jaymi's plumbing, not in Sandy's attitude. After a pause too short to show reluctance, Sandy moved forward and xxx sex wrapped her sexo xxx arms around Jaymi, to receive a matching squeeze. "You really are a special person," Sandy whispered in Jaymi's ear. "And so are you," Jaymi answered. "I don't discriminate xnxx because of gender in my lovers, but I am very discriminating in all other ways. I demand that those I share my love with be tender, compassionate, loving, and warm-hearted. Like you." youtube videos The words were part of the standard method lovers had developed over generations to assure their partner that this was more than an animal exercise, more than a passing biological urge. They worked, though, just as they had worked before. In a few minutes the mom xxx hugs had warmed and lips were seeking lips. This time Sandy didn't hold back when Jaymi let heat flow into her kiss. She went with the energy and returned it, finally urging Jaymi back onto her bed. xxx porno This time Sandy kneeled at Jaymi's feet. She had already noticed that Jaymi had removed her gaff. Only her dark red panties covered a bulge that demonstrated the true gender Jaymi had xxx com been born to. Covered but not concealed, the hardness of Jaymi's xxx indian masculine package was too demanding to be hidden. Sandy struggled to xxx tentacion video 2019 develop an image of the encounter she could live with. Should sexy xxx she try to deny her own nature and become as feminine as possible, or should she capitalize on Jaymi's beauty and treat this as a strange feature on a special woman? In the end, no simple answer xxx com sufficed. Jaymi was Jaymi, and Sandy was herself, accepting Jaymi's beauty and her cock, as part of her lover, justified in themselves. It was only later that she realized her own hidden tool had remained quiescent, helping by stillness not to disrupt the complex part she played. By the time Sandy was finally ready to culminate xxx movies her act, she had become sufficiently accustomed to the xxx hot idea that it seemed right somehow, no longer something to worry about. She knew how much pleasure it could give, and that was her objective, giving pleasure. Of xxx bf course, she sunny leone xxx video wasn't skilled. With infinite patience, Jaymi coached her through techniques that were effective without requiring excessive penetration. In time, not a long time since Jaymi was quite excited by Sandy, the short-haired brunette was phim xxx erupting into the long-haired girl's mouth with energy and passion. Ironically, the sodomizing rape Sandy had endured had already exposed xxx photo her to the taste and texture of semen and she swallowed without additional mental anguish. She softly sucked the last traces of xxx hd videos cream from Jaymi's diminishing member and finally sat back, actually quite smug at the near-coma that seemed to grip Jaymi. xxx photos It was a moment or two before Jaym